“Powerful Wireframe Tool”, says ReadWriteWeb

23 Jul

Weeks after its release, iPlotz has garnered favorable reviews. One in particular was the article written by Mark Turoczy on ReadWriteWeb.com last January 26, 2009. Entitled “iPlotz: Goofy Name Belies Powerful Wireframe Tool”, the author hails iPlotz as a promising software that will definitely help web developers having hard time creating blueprints for their projects. It’s flattering to receive such positive review despite the fact that at the time of the article’s publication, iPlotz is in the middle of non-stop re-modeling and upgrading.

Turoczy gave three key reasons why should iPlotz be liked by many: First, “it’s incredibly easy to use”. Its function of enabling users to drag and drop components make the project-making faster and easier without damaging the quality of the work. Second, is its focus on website wireframes and its wide array of components to be selected and easily added. Turoczy praised this as opposed to other “diagramming tools which offer everything from org charts to electrical schematics”. Third, the hand-sketched objects that suggest openness, collaboration and continuous work. According to Turoczy, “Representational elements enable wireframe designers to focus clients on concepts and functions without getting into design specifics.” This style of iPlotz—and even other wireframming software—is a good strategy to let your clients know that their suggestions and opinions are very welcome.

However, Turoczy also criticized the comment feature of the program because of the “division between the design interface and the comment interface” that results to difficulties in resolving the design of the wireframed project that was commented by another user. As of now, this issue has been resolved as the newest version of iPlotz enables its users to comment on the annotation text box (seen in the Property Inspector box). These annotations can be seen while on preview mode and design mode to quickly edit the commented components in the wireframe.

Despite its shortcomings, Turoczy said that “there’s a great deal to like about what iPlotz offers for wireframing”. As the basis of the article was the initial version released by Mark Vernon’s team, several  issues have been resolved and features have been added over time. Turoczy joked at the end of his article that “Yahoo!” and “Google” were goofy names when they were first launched in the market. But the two have turned out to be big brands today.


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