Mark Vernon on iPlotz

24 Jul

Mark Vernon

Mark Vernon, founder and owner of iPlotz, has been featured on CIO Happy Hour website last September 29, 2010 to provide some information and ongoing developments on the said application. iPlotz has improved since then its features and garnered more users. Still, let us see the interview that was published and find out how much of Vernon’s vision on iPlotz has been achieved.

iPlotz is an “online and offline wireframing  and prototyping application” according to Vernon. Web developers and other companies have accepted and purchased iPlotz due to its features not yet offered by its contemporaries, particularly those of the project management part. Vernon claimed this as the company’s advantage over existing similar products (e.g. Axure and Omnigraffle) at that time. Vernon envisioned iPlotz being the solution to the problems of many web developers working from different countries when it comes to online collaboration.

USA has been the biggest market of iPlotz, says Vernon, but as it is also available in different languages (e.g. Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew) iPlotz had other customers from other countries. Today, iPlotz could be used in French, Portuguese, and other languages. “It’s very easy for us to add new languages, so no point in limiting our market geographically,” Vernon clarifies.

As the support team frequently receives reports from various users regarding bugs, the team has continuously fixed those errors before releasing updated version. Vernon thought that due to this non-stop effort of the team to improve iPlotz, updates may come less often as the latest version promises higher probability of improvement and perfection. The newest version, iPlotz 3.1, was released last October 31, 2011 and still available. There are no announcements released since then regarding another updated version.

iPlotzprices remain unchanged. “I don’t think we need to change pricing now, but if we ever do, we would always offer a refund to existing users, or some other method of compensation,” Vernon says.

Being the pioneer in exporting graphic wireframs into HTML/CSS, iPlotz has been used by users of a lot of companies collaborating and delegating tasks online. “As more and more work gets done remotely or between different offices, we want to create the tools and sites to help manage it all,” says Vernon.

Today, iPlotz is not only on Twitter but also Facebook and WordPress. Aside from the interactions on its website, Vernon believes that social media allow them to “keep a real time view of what people think of iPlotz” and “track competitors and user needs/questions”.

iPlotz has landed as part of the Top 10 Best Rich Internet Applications (RIA) of 2009, an online voting contest at O’Reilly media’s site. “It was fun to participate and the end result was extra traffic and more people using the product,” says Vernon.

Sign up and purchase iPlotz by clicking here. You can also download a free trial version with a limit of creating 1 project with 5 wireframes. Send us your feedbacks on our social networking sites and if you have queries to the support team, post them on our website.



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