Website Checklist: How good is your design?

30 Jul

Finished creating a website but feeling something is wrong? Here, we list an important checklist when developing an effective website.

Fonts. With thousands to choose from, which size and font style is right for your website?

Colors. How are people responding to the colors you have presented to them? Are they bouncing right off the page or do they stick around to see what you have to offer?

Are you using the right images that represent your website? Are they the right size and placed in the best spot possible?

Videos. Do your users even watch the video you placed on the home page? What if you placed it on a different page of your website?

Forms. Are your forms too complicated and spread out over many pages?

Menus. Do your visitors even want to use your menus at all?

Sign up Process. How easy is your sign up process? Sometimes asking users to sign up right on the landing page scares them away.

Header. How long have you been using your current header? Maybe it is time to show 50% of your new visitors a different header and see how they react to it.

Hyperlinks. Do you have any at all, or too many? Where do they lead to?

Emails. Are your users coming to your website from e-mails or do they ignore them?

Submit Button. Is your submit button attractive and stand out? Or does it blend right in with the rest of your site?

Price Points. Do you show your pricing on the homepage or make the visitor sign up first?

Removing the Unnecessary. There are times when something you personally liked was actually deterring your users. You won’t know until you try removing it.

Your design should always reflect your goals. Just keep the following in mind: Who is your target market? What are your expectations? What will your website give to your audience? Does your design reflect all of these? Now that you have this checklist, it is easy for you to edit out and revise necessarily. Remember: If in doubt, experiment!


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