Facebook Phone: How True? How Feasible?

1 Aug

Most of us use mobile applications of Facebook, the most popular social networking site, with our Android and smartphone, iPad. But despite numerous mobile gadgets that enable access to this social network, there have been rumors that by third quarter of 2013, Facebook and HTC will launch a Facebook phone.

Facebook phone does not only contain an application for the said site but has an exclusive operating system for it. Facebook has 900 million users and that is a great target market for the company’s rumored new product. However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg continuously deny this by saying “it wouldn’t really make much sense” for them to create one.

Aren’t we already happy with our mobile phones? What’s the fuss in having a phone dedicated to Facebook? We don’t log in everytime, right? Although such new product could improve the social network, we could not say that it will be warmly received by its millions of users.

If the reason for such project is to create a better mobile version of Facebook, why not improve the existing mobile apps? BBC quotes Malcolm Barclay, an independent app developer, who said that Facebook app is written in HTML5 programming language. Thus, it suffers from endless loading and refresh problems. If it would be rewritten in a better programming language—Objective-C perhaps—Facebook could be more efficient.

The manufacturing costs would be covered by the advertising revenues as it is the company’s main source of income. But will it be enough? Manufacturing a brand new phone is not that simple. It would be costly thus, thorough planning should be done first by the company before venturing to a new field.

How about you? Why do you think Facebook should or should not create an exclusive phone?


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