Better Wireframing Tips

6 Aug

In every project, planning is a very important phase because it tells the project’s success in the market. A poorly planned project has higher chances of failing, especially for websites that skipped the wireframing process. So this week, we will discuss things that web developers should do while wireframing in order to produce the best outcome as possible. Starting today, we will give you five tips daily that would help you in the wireframing process.

1) Start Sketching Rather Than Coding
Isn’t it easier to turn on your computer and start coding? But this might lead to issues being overlooked and future challenges. It is easier to revise the website’s design and functions while it is in sketches than finding for an error in a program by thorough observation of lines of codes.

2) Functionality First Before Aesthetics
Does it look beautiful and artistic but not workable for your target audience? See to it that you delved into details on the buttons’ functionalities and other elements in the site.




3) Consult Your Experiences

Use your experiences in past projects to determine if your design will be a success. If you think that the design your client insists to implement has been used before and didn’t work, be honest and plan a better design.



4) Manage Roles and Clarify Who Is The Leader
If you don’t want any trouble, manage the roles of each team member beforehand. With someone in charge, everyone will know whose decision is to be respected.

5) Coordinate To Collaborate
Though there is a leader, every team member must contribute to the project equally. Web developers and clients must co-exist for a better collaboration. With this, revisions could be done easily and preferences could be realigned as early as possible.




Helpful aren’t they? Wait for tomorrow’s blog for more wireframing tips.


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