More Wireframing Tips: Documentation

8 Aug

In the previous blog, we have discussed some tips that would help you wireframe your work better. Besides coding, documenting is another important task that should be done within the course of a project. Why is it? A documented project serves as evidence and collection of facts and important data accumulated. Documentation also serves as a guide for all kinds of users, because it helps make sure that rules and protocols are followed properly.
Without documentation, how can one prove that a project is feasible? How can one assure that there is a systematic workflow? Lack of documentation can cause confusions and poor work execution.
As a project developer, you need to know how to organize projects. Otherwise, chances are that you might lose track of what you are doing. Here are some tips on how you can document your work properly.
Know what to include in the document – You cannot just put everything that has taken place while you are doing the wireframing process. Just include details that bear significance to your project.
Collect necessary data – Before you need to start working on something, you have to accumulate some essential information first. Make sure that your research methodology is relevant.
Make the document readable and understandable – You have to consider other people who can’t understand other terminologies. Include non-technical language as much as possible. If necessary, include headers and outlines. Of course, avoid grammatical errors.
Present it well – You cannot just show the documented work and let others read it. If needed, try to explain some parts of the documentation. This is to give your audience an idea of what to expect. During the testing process, make sure that user mobility is prioritized.
Do not just be aware of what you are doing as a wireframer. Keep in mind that every work you do is recorded as well. A good documentation can really make others use it as a reference.
Learned something new today? Wait for tomorrow’s blog for more wireframing tips.


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