More Wireframing Tips: Implementation

10 Aug

There are seven phases of software development process, and the middle phase is the implementation. The implementation phase is where the programmers and software engineers are going to work on an application. Arguably, implementation is the most important phase – because it serves as a backbone for the whole construction of a program.

In this article, we are going to provide you some important points between the relation of wire framing and the implementation phase. From a technical point of view, wire framing is also included in the software development process. It is under the design phase, which succeeds the implementation phase.

The objective here is to make a developed application that looks presentable and provides navigability to potential users. Here are some tips to help you reach that objective.

First things first – Consider this as a rule. If you are working alone, you may need some creativity skills. You cannot just code without having a mock-up. Frameworks provide you an idea about something that you are working on.

Collaborate with others – This can only apply if you have hired application developers or web designers. You can seek some professional help by reading some guides and asking them some questions related to your mock-up.

Know what to use – There are many software developing applications and programming languages available. Therefore, you must choose the ones that match your requirements.

To be succinct, any application developer should design the plan first before working on the internal functions of a desired application. Following the procedures according to plan can result into a good application.


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