Infographic: The Difference of a Web Designer and a Web Developer

13 Aug

Last week, we have given some tips on how you can attain better wire framing skills. Today, we are going to provide some of the infographics that are somewhat related to wire framing.

Web designers and web developers should visualize the plan before doing the prototype. By wireframing, they can have an idea on how they can construct the website.

Oftentimes, we think that the job of a web designer and a web developer is just the same. Some people can view them as completely similar because of their work nature and their geek mindset. However, what we do not know is that they have cultural differences. Below is an infographic for you to have a better understanding of how a web designer and web developer lives.

Now you know that there are differences between the proponents behind the construction of a website. Watch out for more infographics that you need to know for your wireframing purposes.


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