Infographic: The General Audience on the Internet

14 Aug

Today, we are going to share another infographic that was prepared by Arno Ghelfi, with the data provided by Forrester Research. On the infographic, the audience are classified according to their age groups. Such age groups are asked on what they do while surfing the Internet (as noted by the colors).

How the Posted Infographic Above Can Help You Wireframe?

The infographic posted above might not mention anything about wire framing, but as a web developer, you should try to research on any kind of literature. Do not forget that your clients may vary the requirements for their website anytime. Different things usually done on the Internet (the ones posted above) might give you an idea when you create a website schematic diagram. When you create the mock-up, keep in mind of the various audiences as well. Do not just think of a wireframe that you think suit to the demands of that certain person. If required, you might need to make the design as generic as possible.

Did the data we presented above help you in any way? Feel free to leave us a comment below.


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