Applying The Concept Of Wireframing in Creating an Infographic

15 Aug

General information and statistics are usually boring, but turning them into an infographic made it interesting for humans to read. Infographics is a collaboration of illustrations, and skimmed information for clarity. Infographics also serve as a convenient medium for gathering information. Just like in projects, you should establish a wireframe because it helps in reaching the objectives and goals. Here are the steps in creating an infographic.

Easy peasy: is it?

Some Friendly Tips

  • Try to make a diagram for your infographic first. Otherwise, you will be confused.
  • Eliciting reader interest is always the first rule.
  • Determine how you are going to place those visual aids first. You cannot afford to mislead your readers.
  • Take note of proper typography. Some readers are not a fan of very small fonts.
  • Try to research on a topic specified.
  • Readers never care about further information. Get straight to the point.
  • Never plagiarize. Paraphrase and cite sources. Otherwise, you might end up being sued for the info you’ve stolen.

What Happens If You Have Mastered the Art Of Creating an Infographic?

  • People might consider you as a virtual encyclopedia
  • People might think that you have vast knowledge on your field
  • You can mesh your knowledge and creativity very well

Those tips might not seem friendly, but taking note of such tips can improve your infographic making skills. Are you impressed? Are you seriously adding the creation of an infographic as a skill? Not many people can create a good infographic, so this is your chance to capitalize on that skill.


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