Application of Wireframing To Responsive Web Designing

16 Aug

Do you think that wireframing only applies to developing a website with simple and fixed designs? No! As said, all websites and prototypes should always be subject to wireframing before proceeding to next processes. The goal of every website is to look presentable and to ensure visitor mobility. For realization, developers and designers must thoroughly plan every considerable aspect and work together from the bottom.

Every day, there are increasing demands for browsing a presentable website on any Web-enabled device used. Hence, a good layout, readable content, inherent fluidity, and absence of resizing should be present in a website. With that, a proposition for conceptualizing Responsive Web Design is put on the table.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) has become a web design trend recently. Responsive Web Design is a strategy used in proportioning the size of websites for non-desktop users to have an optimized view.  For further understanding of the said web designing strategy, you may redirect here.

In constructing a responsive website, having a proper wireframe is very critical. Since responsive websites suggest usability and mobility for all Web-enabled devices, you should construct more than one diagram. Think about the audience first. Do not leave your web designers and web encoders guessing. Otherwise, it can result into website cluttering, which is bad in many ways.


One Response to “Application of Wireframing To Responsive Web Designing”

  1. web development August 25, 2012 at 6:00 pm #

    Responsive web designing always be good. I agree with you Wireframing is important for all .

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