What Is Graceful Degradation?

17 Aug

According to Wikipedia, the other name of graceful degradation is fault-tolerant system. Graceful degradation tolerates possible failure scenarios, and applies in other mechanical and electrical fields. In the jargons of web design, graceful degradation is another concept. The aim of this web-designing concept is to provide functionality for Web visitors who use older versions of their respective Web browsers while giving an optimized functionality for users who use newer versions of Web browsers.

Sample bad case of graceful degradation

This strategy does not eliminate a website’s good content factor. However, appearance and functionality will be a bigger issue here. To make things understandable from a normal perspective, graceful degradation is a method of taking a step back in considering the factors of web designing.

Graceful Degradation in Wireframing
How do you apply wireframing in lieu to this web-designing concept? It is as simple as memorizing the alphabet. Here are some not-so-technical tips on how one can follow the graceful degradation method.

  • Take note of the possible loading times.
  • If possible, never include media-enabled files…
  • But simple graphics may do.
  • Awesome content is still an asset
  • Never forget web coding standards

Here are the basics and some insights about graceful degradation as a web designing method. We hope that you have learned something new again. Any comments and suggestions? Feel free to leave them below.


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