Website Designing Rule 1: Simplicity

22 Aug

Sample of a simple website

Last week, we offered you helpful infographics and tips in implementing website designing strategies. For our succeeding blog posts, we are going to explain important rules in making a website. In addition, we are going to relate wireframing to such rules once again.

Different designers and developers have varying methods in constructing a website. However, standard operating procedures in website designing should always apply. A good web designer should have a checklist for every criterion as a guideline. With that, a good web designer also monitors every considerable aspect in web designing. This is to make sure that the creation of a website in every aspect will be methodological and consequential. More importantly, there will be quality control.

Before finishing a website, good content (both text and image) should be in place. For enhanced user experience, adding music or video may be necessary. Putting those kinds of actual content can be critical pieces for a good, envisioned website. A web designer may have the pieces to make a meaningful website. However, one question remains: How subtraction (the often concept for omission of anything negative) can ensure website simplicity? This is where wireframing enters the fold.

How can you help in ensuring website simplicity by wireframing? Simple! Try to look for unnecessary content, and eliminate them if possible. Do not just base on personal perspective, because others have a different aesthetic view. Therefore, consider potential web visitors. Remember that you are just doing it as if you have the broken pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.


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