Website Designing Rule 2: Compatibility

23 Aug

Use those browsers when testing your website

In the past, people can only access websites with the use of a desktop computer. It is evident that times have changed because people can now access a website as long as they have a Web-enabled device on hand. With that, demands for website creation have drastically changed over the course of time. Do you remember our past blog posts, in which we discussed the different website designing strategies? Those web-designing strategies cover the compatibility aspects.

How important is compatibility when designing a web? More people are thinking that looking and accessing a great website entices possible offers. Since one now has the privilege to view a website from a tablet or a mobile phone, the appearance of a certain website should look perfect. This is to avoid the case of website cluttering scenarios. There are millions of Internet users around the world. For sure, Internet users have various computer settings, where some may run the updated version, and some may not. Therefore, it is just right to consider all types of Internet users.

How wireframing can help in making a website that can be accessed to all kinds of Web-enabled devices? Try to make a website diagram for separate devices – mobile and monitor. Do not forget the liquidity when viewing a website. More importantly, you will also need to take note of the following points raised in attaining compatibility: screen resolution, color limitations, frames, and JavaScript. Don’t put too much design and media on a website if not necessary, because it takes toll on the users who are much comfortable with older browsers.

Others will always have the say about your website. If users are having a hard time while accessing it, then it is better to enhance the website structure. Just keep in mind of the ways in attaining website accessibility.


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