Website Design Rule 4: Navigation

28 Aug

Users shouldn’t feel they are going through this puzzle when surfing a website

Internet users always want to have the best web browsing experience. They should be comfortable with the overall appearance. They should see what is expected to be on a website. More importantly, website visitors must feel satisfied when they look around at it.

Today, every second matters. Internet users are easily frustrated when a website slowly loads because their time is wasted. They might even leave that website immediately even if it is still loading. Why do some websites take time to load? Why is mobility lacking in some websites? We’ll try to break down some reasons.

Full of images – Does a website use images from other links? Do the images in a website occupy large pixels? Do each of the images are large in terms of file size? Are the graphics too colorful? Can that website possibly cause seizure?

External appearance – Are textual and graphical contents in a certain website placed improperly? Are there any issues with the looks of the website? Is the readability of contents low enough?

Inclusion of files – Are there any compressed (.zip) files included in the website? Are there any media files (music, video) included? Are there any animations (Flash) used in a website?

Other technicalities – Is standard coding followed? Can the website be cacheable? Are there any kinds of tests ran for a website tests? Is the website properly maintained? Are there any problems with coding that might be overlooked? Are visitors redirected to proper links?

Here are some reasons why some websites might take time to load. When designing and developing a website, it is important to keep them in mind. Otherwise, expect a poor-quality website.


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