Website Design Rule 5: Consistency

29 Aug

Oftentimes, web designers think that using only one design template is a must. However, that is not always the case. Why? The appearance, structure, and feel of different websites also changes as time passes. Major revamping of a website is not necessary unless there are other reasons or errors. Moreover, it doesn’t make sense that web designers should change the appearance of a website every now and then. Constant design updates usually implies lack of confidence for the design and overall appearance.

Time rapidly changes, designers and developers shouldn’t just leave the website after testing. They must always work together in maintaining a website. Here are some reasons why consistency helps in attaining a high quality website. Website consistency gives visitors more comfort when browsing. Website consistency helps in keeping visitors interested. It gives the website the professional and uniform look.

Website consistency is the most important phase of website maintenance. It eradicates potential negatives and outdated cases within a website. Moreover, maintaining consistency helps in keeping the website fresh in the eyes of visitors. When considering this rule, keep in mind that it depends on the type of the website. Here are some tips in ensuring website consistency.

  • Check the actual content for potential spelling and grammar errors

  • Use media files such as photos, images and limit of audio

  • Try to run minor updates on your website as often

  • Try sticking only to one design template

  • Never blindside regular visitors when changing something

For sure, there are more ways on how to maintain your website. Even the world’s most popular websites are sticking to such strategies. Be sure to keep those tips in mind and apply them. Through such way, you can possibly make it at the top of the World Wide Web. More importantly, you can even outplay your competition.


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