Wireframing is to Interior Designing

31 Aug

3D Interior Design By Helena Michel

It has been a weeklong discussion about the rules of web designing. Today, we are going to have a quick blog post about the relation of wireframing to interior designing.

Interior designing is an act of turning a once-empty room into a useful, functional room. People who has the eye for design are fit to take the interior designing job. To understand interior designing, try to imagine that you are just moving to your new home. You see your future home still bare. You start to talk with your interior designer on how you will be able to decorate your new house. Now that you have the materials, you and your interior designer strategized in placing them all over your new home. After all the designing, you either see your home like your dream empire or you see some changes needed to make your home look as elegant as possible.

In wireframing, what you’ve imagined is also the same. You basically work from scratch. You may also look at other templates on how to attain the desired appearance and feel of a website. You make a diagram on how the interface of a website or an application will look. In making a mock-up design and diagram, keep in mind that it is subject for approval. Your web diagram will be the key towards a good-looking website.

In terms of designing concept, wireframing is a perfect analogy to interior designing. Interior designing lets you create functional and beautiful rooms. Wireframing lets you create a mockup on how an application or a website would look like. If you want to feel like an app designer, start using iPlotz today.


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