Wireframing and Architecture

3 Sep

Sample work of an architect: floor plan

In our previous blog, we explained the relation of wireframing to interior designing. In this blog, we are going to explain some wireframing concepts and tips related to the job of an architect.

In building a website, a developer and the designer must set all foundations first in order to build a quality site. We all know that, right? It is like finding a large portion of arable land that a farmer can use for cultivating plants. As a standard, one just doesn’t build a structure without a green light from the superiors. People behind the vision of product should know how to layout and sketch things properly. When we think of the phrase “sketching a structure”, an architect comes out of our mind.

An architect is a professional who designs buildings and structures in a detailed and strategic manner. An architect can do his job by using a blueprint or using a computer-aided drawing tool software. An architect doesn’t usually use colors when making a detailed layout. Usually, architects are specialized on the core of an entire structure.

Architects begin the layout of a foundation with an empty sheet. In wireframing with iPlotz, the same also applies. We have an empty sheet that looks like the Paint application in Windows. In wireframing, we can either use a preset layout or work with a new layout. Most of the time, you will need a new layout and a fresh concept when working on a design interface. This is to avoid possible duplication issues. Designers must know how to produce a good and detailed layout first before putting the final touches.


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