Engineering and Wireframing: Too Far Enough?

4 Sep

The different branches of engineering

Engineers are professionals who uses math, applied science, analytical skills in solving life’s many problems and challenges. Their framework is always in relation to research and development, or as problem solvers. People often view engineers as the innovators in their respective fields. Engineers consider both aspects and limitations in order to come up with a good product. Engineers are always looked as the brains behind discoveries.

Wireframing only concentrates in making and designing diagrams for a proposed website and a software application. Engineering and wireframing are totally separated concepts, but is there a relation between one another? They may not be similar in terms of job description, technicalities, and the like, but there will always be an analogy between two concepts. Here are some concepts that can relate engineering to wireframing.

In wireframing, the goal is to help in making a navigable website. Designers and developers should also consider careful selection and decision-making when choosing the appropriate contents for a website.  Moreover, they must lay out the images, banners carefully before launching the website. A website should look user-friendly in all aspects. Otherwise, they will just close the window or hit the back button.

Through the years, bridges and buildings helped in connecting people. As times changed, websites are also helping in bridging the gap and expanding networks. Such trend will continue in the future. In result, website wireframers are also becoming engineers in their own way.

Engineers and wireframers continue to prove themselves as the real innovators, and they will likely continue to thrive in the future. One day, people might officially recognize web engineering as a field.


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