Wireframer as a Future Profession

5 Sep

How do you classify a working person? A working person can be a firefighter, a scientist, an engineer, a doctor, a politician, a bank teller, a vendor, a driver, an artist, a soldier or a pilot. That person is called a professional. Professionals from different fields continue to innovate something beneficial for humanity. One can classify a professional by looking at what he/she does. Offers from different fields might interest you, but you have to prove your worth if you want to make it to the top. Can wireframing be a profession in the future? Let us look at the different possible points of view.

Yes, It Will

Wireframing will become a future job title. Since there is a growing and continuous demand for web designers, wireframers can be a perfect teammate when building a website’s design. It will be more efficient if there are more people working on the design. Why? Web designers and digital image editors will have their workload reduced, turning the workload between the three into equal. More importantly, they can also focus on their respective tasks.

No, It Won’t

Web designers can easily handle wireframing. After all, they have the knowledge on how a website should look. Wireframing as a job may never materialize, because it can cost money on the employer’s part. If wireframing as a web profession materializes, there is a danger that wireframers and web designers could not co-exist while working. They would simply try to outdo one another, which can be harmful in some aspects. Wireframing simply suits as the branch of web designing.

How do you feel about the future of wireframing? Will the job of a web designer be truncated greatly or not? Leave us your insightful opinions below.


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