Wireframing 24/7: Is It Possible?

7 Sep

Designing a website can be done in many ways. You use the Internet to find ideas. You use papers and pens to note them down. You use proper applications in order to create your own idea of what a design should look like. You try to stay up late just to make a completely original design.

Designing for long straight hours may give short-term complications, but the hardwork can be very rewarding in the end. It really takes time before you can accomplish something. Just ask the best  scientists and engineers. Finding interesting information and turning it as an asset isn’t an overnight activity. In most cases, crammed and rushed projects can result a bad outcome.

Just like in building a website, every project isn’t an overnight activity – unless you want to turn improbable things into a reality. No web designer or a developer is crazy to design for very long hours.

There are applications that are the same with iPlotz. They have a lot of similarities in terms of features and functionality. However, there is one glaring different between iPlotz and any other wireframing tools. One can work using iPlotz even though the computer can’t connect to the Internet. However, there are limited features. When your Internet connection breaks down, you will never lose progress of your work. You can start working from your last save point immediately. You can also control the way you work on your mockup through project management.

When you say working both online and offline, you can work continuously. However, keep in mind that you should never do it 24/7. Find time to sharpen your web designing skills. Practice makes perfect, and practice takes time and effort.


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