Wireframes and Prototypes: How Different Are They?

10 Sep

At times, it is difficult to find an appropriate term for a certain situation. We are often prone to such mistakes, because we often misspell words, misuse homonymous words and even mispronounce them. In short, we are even using the concept of context clues the wrong way. In such ways, we can alter the whole meaning of what we really want to say. Therefore, it can show our inevitable flaws in English grammar at the same time.

This is also the case with wireframing and prototyping. Wireframing and prototyping both involve making and realizing a mockup. If you are just an average Joe, you might interchange the way of using the two words mentioned. Moreover, you might totally think that wireframing and prototyping have the same meaning.

At times, people have to dig deeper and understand the true meaning of two different words. Wireframing and prototyping are very different concepts from different aspects. Yes, they really are, because they are different in terms of spelling and pronunciation. Okay, that’s already given! We can back up other reasons on why wireframing and prototyping are different.



Preliminary diagram of a model

Preliminary model of the whole project

Done at the early stage

Undertaken duringthe post stages

Develops fresh and raw concepts

Gives the end users some expectations

Concentrates on the interface

Concentrates on the overall functionality

Compared to brainstorming

Compared to summarizing

Now that you know the differences of wireframing and prototyping, you can never go wrong again. Whenever you were asked by your IT-minded boss regarding the status of your project, you can never mislead and confuse him again.


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