Can We Just Use The Term “Website Usability Testing”?

12 Sep

In our previous blog, we posted a video about website usability testing and how important it is for long-term success. In this blog, we will try to find out on whether website testing should be called “website usability testing” permanently.

Every web designer and developer knows that testing is the most important phase before going live. Through testing, one can see and eradicate potential bugs that can possibly be a major threat. The aim of website testing is to make sure that potential visitors won’t experience any discomfort and discontent while using the website.

Since we are speaking about the user’s point of view when visiting a website, we will also try to be as precise as possible. Should we just call the whole website testing phase as website usability testing?

Yes, We Should!

Website testing covers all aspects concerning the website’s readiness. Add the word “usability”, in the middle of terms web and testing, and it becomes more specific. The aim is to make a visitor feel comfortable and contented when browsing a website.

Visitors should see every meaningful detail in that prototyped website in a positive way. From awesome textual content to beautiful visual graphics, links to other parts of the website shouldn’t be broken. Otherwise, visitors will leave the website. After all, everything seen in the website can affect a person visiting it. For a website to be extremely useful, designers and developers should abide to website building standards.

No Need!

Website testing and website usability testing are just the same from the basic perspective. Some people don’t like to expand their vocabulary, and some people don’t like to prolong the terminologies. It is better to be more succinct in what we say. Hence, most people simply call the method as website testing. It isn’t necessary to expand the terminologies, as long as people will get the meaning. With or without the term “usability”, a high school student can easily understand the main gist of website testing.


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