Taking A Break From Wireframing

17 Sep

Okay, we know that wireframing can also be like drawing a perfect circle without using a compass. No matter your skill set in wireframing, never forget yourself. Right now, you may still be either at the stage of getting a hang from wireframing or mastering it.  You can never desire to produce quality output when you are always having a hard time. Difficult times, is it or it isn’t; shouldn’t it supposed to be that wireframing is easier when you have practiced it for long enough?

You might be sitting in front of a computer all day while accomplishing the diagram of a wireframe, but you feel that there isn’t any sign of progress. When you wireframe, your habit of starting over from scratch catches you, and it might seem that it is like a looping procedure. You can’t find a way on how to start your wireframing, and by that you look mislead, misinformed and distracted. You might be in the middle of wireframing, but you’ve unfortunately lost track of what you are doing.

Are you facing those kinds of problems in wireframing? If you do, then all you need is a breather. Just as you are doing things, you need a quick break. You can’t simply do things for long hours, not unless you are very focused to the goal.

There are so many ways on how you can take a breather. You can have a cup of coffee. You can read a book that is somehow related to wireframing. You can stay away from your computer/workstation for a while. Either such ways can better your wireframing skills or it can help you get back to wireframing. You can do any other things, as long as it doesn’t impede your wireframing habits.

Never think that stopping your wireframing duties will take away a lot from you. It might take away some precious time from you, but it really compensates on the long run. Just try it for yourself, and see how taking a break really gives you an edge. Never stress out, because you will just wear down yourself.


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