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iPlotz Blog is Moving

18 Sep

Greetings to all of our followers and bloggers. Once again, we would like to thank you for supporting our blog and taking time to read our daily stream of posts. However, please be informed that our blog is moving to a new place.

Our new domain will be this:

Please bear with us for temporary steady stream of content, as we are still on the stage of transferring our past blog posts. For a while, try to get something from our past blog posts while we are moving.

Thank you, and enjoy your day ahead.


iPlotz Team


Know Any Web Designers?

17 Sep

Do you happen to know a co-worker who is a web designer? Do you have a friend that has the same job title? Do you have a large network of IT professionals? If you do have, try to tell them about the wonders of working with iPlotz. With this wireframing tool, not only you can visualize the diagram through traditional ways. Since one of the iPlotz’s features is interactivity, you can also show other iPlotz users your work. This way, you can help them get the most out of wireframing and web designing activities.

Be An Innovator With iPlotz

4 Sep

Do you find website and application designing time wasting? Do you think that such job isn’t benefiting you? If yes, then it is time to revive your feel and thrive for web and app designing. How is that possible? Just try to download iPlotz today. There are different templates for websites already released on the web, and you can innovate your own effective and creative design. Moreover, this is your chance to create something new that people can appreciate.