Why Taking A Break Is Important?

17 Sep

Youtube user hollyfj1 explains the importance of taking a break. She might be explaining about the importance of having breaks in exercising routines. However, you can also apply this as your strategy in wireframing. For you to visualize what is being said in the video, try to replace the exercising activity into wireframing activity.


Wireframing For Beginners

14 Sep

Many people don’t have the skills to wireframe a good website because of different reasons. Some people really don’t find any interest in wireframing just because it is too technical to concentrate on, but they don’t know that wireframing is just as easy as learning how to go up the stairs. If you are interested to learn how to wireframe, then continue reading this blog post.

What exactly is wireframing? Wireframing is a concept wherein you are able to create a mockup design of a proposed website or a proposed application. Creating a mockup design means drafting and sketching the appearance. Wireframing requires proper conditioning, because you will have to do it in front of a computer for long hours. Usually, web designers are more associated in wireframing than the web developers are.

What are the traits that you need to possess in wireframing? You will need more than just willingness to learn. You will also need to have patience, curiousness, consistency, and any other traits that will make you learn new things. Mastering every aspect of wireframing isn’t overnight. As much as possible, you need to be creative and you need to have high endurance.

What are the materials that you will need? Try to read books about web designing and sketching if necessary. You can have access to learning resources from the Internet that you can really use. If you know any web designers, you can seek for their help and advice. Having sophisticated devices like a pen mouse, graphic tablet, updated version photo-editing software can bring added benefits. You really need to learn wireframing up to the serious level, as long as you have logic.

How long does it take before you can master the concept of wireframing? It really takes time before you can master something. You can only determine how far you have learned about wireframing by yourself. If you really want to find out, then try setting a timeframe. This way, you can gauge yourself on how fast you can learn things.

You might think that we haven’t provided any information that you need about wireframing. You’re right. Everything is up to you on how you will pull something off your sleeve. Good luck in your wireframing endeavors!

Using Mouse Pen in Wireframing: Is It Recommended?

13 Sep

The image you have seen in your left is called as a mouse pen. The product still has the functions of a mouse, but it has added uses and specifications. The mouse pen is just a fancier build of a typical mouse. The aim of using a mouse pen is to help users enjoy navigating at the fullest while avoiding hand strains and fatigues at the same time. Take it from the phrase “mouse pen” itself – using it is just like writing something on paper while controlling the pointer at the same time.

In wireframing, constant changes in the diagram of a mockup website/application may be necessary. Therefore, wireframers will not only have to exercise their creative brain and their keen eyes, but their hands as well. Wireframers need sheer dexterity in order to create a good mockup. In this blog post, we are going to determine whether mouse pens are needed for wireframing purposes.

Yes, Mouse Pens Can Help!

Mouse pens give us an advantage when we navigate through our computer. You can feel that you are just drawing a straight line. When you navigate, you can feel that your hands are not carrying the load. With a mouse pen, you can immediately draw your idea to your mockup. More importantly, you can square in to the right details while you are doing so. Ergonomically speaking, you have an advantage because you can freely move your hands while working on the mockup.

No, Mouse Pens Aren’t Necessary

Since mouse pens are one of the sophisticated tools, it also comes with a price. One cannot just afford a mouse pen at a very cheap price. It takes time before getting used to the mechanics of a mouse pen. Wireframers who are used to using a mouse as a guiding tool don’t see any necessary changes in their ways. Besides, wireframing with a typical mouse is just the same, and replacing it with a mouse pen can only make things complicated.

Are you impressed with the unique functions of a mouse pen? Is it just another eloquent and expensive material? Share us your thoughts about wireframing with an enhanced tool.